Big Girls Can Spirograph Too!


Problem – soooo many pics that my backup external hard drive is getting perilously full.
Solution – a new hard drive to store just my photos (you thought I was going to have a massive cull didn’t you?}
Confession – did delete a few but not enough to create significant additional space!
Confession 2 – Magpie tendencies run in the family – my Sister, Mum and Dad developed this to Degree Level!

JOY – have discovered some of my early Spirograph Designs which led to the pieces I have been sharing with you
Problem 2 – more Spirography now added to my To Do List!

tessalation 003c

tessalation 003

tessalation 002

tessalation 001

tessalation 004aBig Girl's Can Spirograph Too!

Spirograph for Grown Ups


My Foundation Diploma show developed from designs I made using a Spirograph and the wonderful discovery that ‘mistakes’ can be beautiful too.  My Tutor, Lee, was pleased that I had finally broken my Virgo-led tendency towards perfection!

These versions are created using a range of string and twine.

String and Twine Spiral

String and Twine Spiral

String and Twine Spirals

String and Twine Spirals

String and Twine Spiral Display
String and Twine Spiral Display