About Me and My Work

Working from the landscape, or through study of nature’s patterns, I explore textures and shapes through drawings and paintings, from which I produces unique designs, instinctively creating abstract rather than realistic responses.

My mixed media landscapes encompass a variety of techniques, heavily featuring natural media, and my range of hand-crafted gift items are created using my naturally and eco-dyed textiles.

I am currently exploring my deep interest in natural dyeing; cooking plants that I have foraged, and even making my own pigments for use in my watercolour landscapes. I am working on growing my own dye garden.

Sharpenhoe Clappers - Watercolour using handmade, plant-based pigments. £120

Sharpenhoe Clappers – Watercolour using handmade, plant-based pigments. £120

I am a Textile Designer Maker who creates funky constructed textile; wearable art and accessories from natural materials.
I like to work in natural materials and with traditional techniques such as knitting and weaving. I love natural forms, colours and textures. Working from landscapes or through study of nature’s patterns, I make drawings and paintings and then manipulate these designs in order to develop textiles patterns. I hand dye my knitting with natural pigments and use Shibori, felting and hand embroidery to create my own contemporary constructed textiles from which I make unique accessories.

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What is life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

When I stand and stare (not often enough) I see patterns – especially the shapes, textures and colours of nature. Sadly, many people see none of these, so caught up are they in their urgent rush through our busy world

Now we are so addicted to Capitalism and materialism can we ever wean ourselves off its drug and, if we did, would we be able to find greater fulfilment in the simple, everyday pleasures that are there for our enjoyment, and for free? Would we feel a sense of delight in making beautiful things with our own hands?

Dear Viewer

If you can discover, in my work, an element which makes you want to look longer and deeper then please find time to appreciate your own ‘Stand and Stare’ moment.

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