Big Girls Can Spirograph Too!


Problem – soooo many pics that my backup external hard drive is getting perilously full.
Solution – a new hard drive to store just my photos (you thought I was going to have a massive cull didn’t you?}
Confession – did delete a few but not enough to create significant additional space!
Confession 2 – Magpie tendencies run in the family – my Sister, Mum and Dad developed this to Degree Level!

JOY – have discovered some of my early Spirograph Designs which led to the pieces I have been sharing with you
Problem 2 – more Spirography now added to my To Do List!

tessalation 003c

tessalation 003

tessalation 002

tessalation 001

tessalation 004aBig Girl's Can Spirograph Too!

Reflecting on Past Projects

I have been so busy with our Pop Up Shop and other recent projects that I have not had time to make any new work.

Now that things are beginning to calm down I am having time to start considering what I want to work on next. I have lots of ideas, lots of started and never finished experiments and and numerous half explored techniques. But how to decide where to start?

As I still do not have time to begin a major new line of work yet I have decided to kick start my preparations by looking back on some of my favourite samples and finished pieces.

This knitted pool combined with beads and stones was inspired by a visit to High Force (a magnificent waterfall in County Durham).

High Force, County Durham

High Force, County Durham