Lewis People 1

I found everyone I met to be really friendly and helpful.

Here weaver Norman Mackenzie extols the virtues of his 60 year old traditional single width Hattersley loom.

Although many weavers now use the newer double-width looms which the fashion industry demands, Norman prefers the traditional Hattersley loom which his family used as he grew up.

On returning to Lewis on his retirement he was disappointed to find the family loom was no longer there. Fortunately, he was able to rescue one his neighbour was disposing of.

It was interesting to talk to him about our shared passion and in particular to discuss the amazing landscape colours to be found in his cloth. Needless to say I brought some back with me – just wish I could afford more!

I would like to thank Norman for our lovely chat and taking the time to share his experiences with me.

I Love Lewis and Harris

Back from a wonderful week staying on a croft on the Isle of Lewis. The people were fantastic – welcoming and very helpful – and the views breathtaking. Had to be restrained in order to limit the amount of Harris Tweed I brought back – so much to choose from! Busy, busy now making for my exhibitions in the September Bedfordshire Artists’ Network Art Trail.

Lots of pictures and news to follow but here is the first taster.

The Lure of Harris Tweed

Picture credit: Virtual Hebrides

I can’t wait to visit Lewis and Harris, the home of Harris Tweed and see the process for myself firsthand. Of course I will also want to come back with some tweed lengths for my new accessories.

Plus I hope to get the chance to do lots of drawing and painting to help spark my imagination.

As a taster I visited the Harris Tweed Authority website and, as I had not wandered there lately, was delighted to see it has been updated.

Harris Tweed Authority

Brilliant Blog too!