The Fashion Set

Me too – how did I miss these? and can I still buy them? – will have to check it out.


 British Royal Mail has presented a collection of stamps which showcases the illustrated history of British fashion.  These stamps were unveiled in the year that Britain celebrates its Olympics and Jubilee year.

From the iconic Vivienne Westwood – harlequin dress that Supermodel, Naomi Campbell wore, to Zandra Rhodes gold ballgown, and a Hardy Amies suit from the forties, these stamps brought forth the best in British fashion !

These stamps are available at 


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Extend Your Dwindling Shopping Days at NT Chiltern Gateway Centre Christmas Bazaar

Join me this Sunday 16th December (and 23rd) at the National Trust Chiltern Gateway Centre’s annual Christmas Bazaar from 11am to 4pm. Meet Santa, enjoy Christmas Pud and Mulled Wine whilst listening to the Carol Singers. Choose presents for those special people from a variety of seasonal craft gift and local produce stalls.

Blush Wrap

Don’t resist the temptation to touch my Blush Scarf.


Stained Glass by fellow ANB member Jack Cooper.

Christmas Bazaar

Berkhamsted Artisans, Arts and Crafts Market

Join me on Saturday in the picturesque Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted. I will be on the first floor of the Town Hall where there will be a wide choice of fantastic handmade Christmas gifts on sale.

Just imagine the faces of your friends and family when you give them a handmade present that’s locally produced and absolutely unique to them.

Berkhamsted Artisans, Arts and Crafts Market

Farmers’ Market

Tweed and vintage clothing given new life – what more can a girl want? Long live this fashion trend and the endless possibilities it offers for re-invention.

Tweedvixen's Blog

Tweed has been since in the fashion world since the 1920s, mainly in the form of wealthy gentlemen’s suits. Since then, it has evolved into a trend that is still one of the hottest looks today! If you want to get involved with the vintage tweed trend then here are some tips on how to pull the look off.

Tweed Blazers 

Tweed blazers are one of the hottest ways to stay warm this winter!This quintessential British look works for both men and women, so whoever you are it should be easy to pull off. Men should go for a more fitted blazer look, which can then be paired with coloured trousers (mustard looks good with tweed) or even a pair of jeans. Women can wear a tweed blazer however they want, whether they opt for a fitted size or a boyfriend style bigger size. If you are going for…

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Wearable Art?

Following the felting idea, I decided to try wet and needle felting – I wanted to source old woollen blankets as a base but unfortunately had sent some to the Dogs Home, for use as bedding, only a few weeks earlier. It’s always the way if you decide to get rid of something then you can bet you’ll find you needed it after all!

Anyway instead of a blanket I used the sleeve of a wool jacket, which was left over from a deconstruct/reconstruct project.  Again I was exploring my bark patterns.

I am really pleased with this and, what is more, other people are too. They have been laying in on their arms and talking about cuffs and textile jewellery. Definitely the start of something here – yey!