Hello February!

Well so much for New Year’s resolution to focus on planning for the year – January gone and have only managed to gather information about some forthcoming shows/call for artists but have done nothing with them – and have missed some deadlines!

BUT I have completely re-organised my Studio Room and started a new teaching job plus three events now booked for 2014 so maybe not so bad after all.

On the downside no Blogs so far in 2014 – have been a very bad girl – and no new work to show yet. So instead I will continue sharing some of my past projects.

So inspired by my friend Jenny’s fabulous photos of ancient Hornbeams I have decided to share some of my tree studies.

Tree Bark

Tree Bark

Bark Close Up

Bark Close Up

Lovely Twisted Tree

Lovely Twisted Tree

Tree Print

Tree Print

Bark Print

Bark Print

World Yarn Bombing Day in Bedford


Yanr Bomb6Yarn bomb3 Yarn Bomb2

Fun was had by all on Bedford’s riverside – including the children and dogs.  Not sure what the rowers taking part in the river races thought though!

Lots of interest in what we were doing, it made many people smile and everyone we talked to was very positive about the event.

So people of Bedfordshire  why not revive some neglected skills and reveal your inner creativity?Yarn Bomb1   Yarn Bomb4 Yarn bomb5 Yarn Bomb7 Yarn Bomb8

This project was organised by BedYarn

Yarn Bombing in Bedford!

Bedford Creative Arts’ current mini commission, won by Liz Wright, is BedYarn.

We will be reclaiming our public monuments and places, personalising and decorating them with your handmade knitted creations.Liz is a founder member of the Scone Roses a local craft group which meets monthly. She is inviting men, women and children to make new connections with the town and each other via the traditional skill of knitting.

Look out for us on World Yarn Bombing Day, Saturday 8th June.

Learn to knit with us!

We will be holding 4 free knitting workshops with wool and needles provided. The results of these workshops will be used to yarn bomb Bedford.

The workshops will take place at Fancy, Roff Ave. Contact us to find out times and book your place.

I joined in a trial yarn bombing session at 123 Create on Thursday 11th April.

Yarn Bombing P1060975



For details of further sessions including Learn to Knit check out the Bedford Creative Arts website.

Dyeing to Grow

Natural Dye expert Jenny Dean is also a genius in the garden and produces her own dye plants. Her book Wild Colour advises both on growing dye plants and using these to produce colour.

Unfortunately my garden currently ressembles a jungle but we are begining to tame it and hopefully in the future I can try dyes direct from their plant sources. Somewhere in the overgrowth I already have Rhubarb and just outside my garden Elder and Damson.

My poor neglected Rhubarb plant, lost in the wilderness!

In the meantime I get my dyestuffs online from http://www.pmwoolcraft.co.uk/



Adding a bit of Colour to my Life or Autumn Colours Part II


This image is AFTER I have toned down the colour – I am much happier but does it reflect my source material? How important is this or is artistic licence a greater force?

The question is ‘is there really one set of true colours or do we all see them same thing differently – and if we do how could we tell?’ I have always liked strong, bright colours so have I a selectively ‘seen’ just these and phased out the real colours of Autumn?

Do you see the same colours as say David Hockney or are they all just from his imagination?

Autumn Colours (Part I)

ImageWhilst driving around last year I became very interested in the colours of Autumn.

Having selected a few that I really liked I started to experiment with dyeing – these samples were coloured with Acid Dyes. This is my original take on Autumn Colours but even for me they are too bright.