Reflecting on Past Projects

I have been so busy with our Pop Up Shop and other recent projects that I have not had time to make any new work.

Now that things are beginning to calm down I am having time to start considering what I want to work on next. I have lots of ideas, lots of started and never finished experiments and and numerous half explored techniques. But how to decide where to start?

As I still do not have time to begin a major new line of work yet I have decided to kick start my preparations by looking back on some of my favourite samples and finished pieces.

This knitted pool combined with beads and stones was inspired by a visit to High Force (a magnificent waterfall in County Durham).

High Force, County Durham

High Force, County Durham


World Yarn Bombing Day in Bedford


Yanr Bomb6Yarn bomb3 Yarn Bomb2

Fun was had by all on Bedford’s riverside – including the children and dogs.  Not sure what the rowers taking part in the river races thought though!

Lots of interest in what we were doing, it made many people smile and everyone we talked to was very positive about the event.

So people of Bedfordshire  why not revive some neglected skills and reveal your inner creativity?Yarn Bomb1   Yarn Bomb4 Yarn bomb5 Yarn Bomb7 Yarn Bomb8

This project was organised by BedYarn

Yarn Bombing in Bedford!

Bedford Creative Arts’ current mini commission, won by Liz Wright, is BedYarn.

We will be reclaiming our public monuments and places, personalising and decorating them with your handmade knitted creations.Liz is a founder member of the Scone Roses a local craft group which meets monthly. She is inviting men, women and children to make new connections with the town and each other via the traditional skill of knitting.

Look out for us on World Yarn Bombing Day, Saturday 8th June.

Learn to knit with us!

We will be holding 4 free knitting workshops with wool and needles provided. The results of these workshops will be used to yarn bomb Bedford.

The workshops will take place at Fancy, Roff Ave. Contact us to find out times and book your place.

I joined in a trial yarn bombing session at 123 Create on Thursday 11th April.

Yarn Bombing P1060975



For details of further sessions including Learn to Knit check out the Bedford Creative Arts website.

Spring/Summer Colour Palette

I am working on pieces for my Spring/Summer collection and am currently focussing on the colour palette.

Picture 629

Picture 627

These pieces were dyed with St John’s Wort (which I picked and dried myself) and with purchased walnut leaves.  Most of the colour variations have been achieved by length and temperature of dyeing on Bute and Soft Donegal wool.Picture 630

A Knitters’ Journal

We were only discussing yesterday, at our Nutty Knitters’ group, the challenge of sizing a yarn we no longer have the band for! I don’t have a Notebook for commercial yarns but I do have a log of the yarns I have dyed myself.

Degree 002 - Copy


Some time ago, I started keeping all the yarn labels for my projects so that I could remember which yarn I used. Rather than stuffing them in a drawer, I wanted to organize them somehow. I found this simple journal and started stapling the yarn labels onto the pages.

On the margins, I jotted down the name of the project and the date. At some point, I started including a scrap of yarn with the label so that I could remember what the yarn looked and felt like. The sample on the left page below is what I used to make a pair of baby booties, including the pretty ribbon to tie them together. The sample on the right was a souvenir yarn from Romni Wools in Toronto. It’s patiently waiting for the right project.

The yarns below went into making a thick cabled scarf for my husband, a racy…

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Berkhamsted Artisans, Arts and Crafts Market

Join me on Sunday in the picturesque Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted. I will be on the first floor of the Town Hall where there will be a wide choice of fantastic handmade Christmas gifts on sale.

The Farmers’ Market will be open and the town is also a great place for Sunday lunch so why not make a day of it?

Berkhamsted Artisans, Arts and Crafts Market

Farmers’ Market