Visit the ANB Show at Luton Hoo Walled Garden

Here are some more of my sample pieces for the ANB September Arts Trail at Luton Hoo Walled Garden’s Heritage Weekend.

Would love to see you there on 14th and 15th September: LHWG


Gateway and Detail LHWG

Bee Homes

Bee Homes LHWG

Dunstable Gets Arty


we are now – let’s create the legend of tomorrow
Friday 05 April 2013

THIS weekend, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April, is the start of something exciting in Dunstable.
Artist Laurence Payot is bringing a team of artists, writers and performers to Dunstable to meet local people and get you involved in the first stages of making a grand collective artwork for the town.
They will be starting a quest, searching for what makes Dunstable unique today, and wondering what could be the traditions and folklores of tomorrow.
If you’re out and about over the weekend, you’ll be able to get involved and help make something new for Dunstable.
Meet story maker Michelle Thomas at Saturday’s market to create the characters and stories that will inspire our new local folklore.
Yorkshire has the Cottingsley Fairies, the Highlands have the Loch Ness Monster and Wales has the legends of Merlin. What’s our legend of the future?
Head to the Chilterns Visitor Centre on the downs between 12 and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday to take part in a psychic experiment. Thought-catching ‘Ganzfeld headsets’ have been specially designed by artist Ailie Rutherford to tap into a local ‘collective unconscious’.
Can these headsets ‘catch the thoughts being carried by the wind’? Drop by with an open mind and help us catch and draw floating thoughts!
Meanwhile Laurence and community artist Scott Farlow will be roaming the town, searching for clues and instigating conversations. Unexpected things may appear around the town – tags, notice boards, windmills… So if you feel like it, just go with the flow, follow the instructions, and join in the quest to find what makes Dunstable Dunstable.
These activities are the start of our summer commission, and will culminate later in the year with a major new event for Dunstable’s calendar. Hundreds of people will gather on the Dunstable Downs to create a large community procession inspired by the wind, the knolls, and by the most important thing in Dunstable: the people who live and work here…
Take part and create the legend. Shape the story, visualise what our folklore will look like, and in the summer create costumes and props for a grand event that the whole town can take part in.
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Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere – Tolsta to Ness

Lord Leverhulme (of Lever Brothers fame) owned the Isle of Lewis from 1918 – 1923 and during this time he was determined to improve road links on the Island. The bridge to nowhere – or Garry Bridge – is on the route of what was to be Lord Leverhulme’s new road to Ness.

Unfortunately local men returning from the Great War were not interested in his plans and wanted to return to their traditional crofting lives and with their own individual plots of land. So, although the bridge was built, the road goes no further.

However, if you leave your car in the little car park just before the bridge and walk over it (stopping on the way to admire the rugged River Garry) and up the track you will be rewarded with more glorious views and maybe lucky (as we were) to spot the white Tailed Eagles.

I have a Cunning Plan …

Now that I have identified techniques and part of a colour palette – on which I can focus – I need to plan how to put these elements in order to support my next stage of sampling. But as my work is so textural I am struggling to depict, on flat paper, images which can help me in this process.

This is my first attempt but it is not ‘speaking’ to me so I need to try again!