Adding a bit of Colour to my Life or Autumn Colours Part II


This image is AFTER I have toned down the colour – I am much happier but does it reflect my source material? How important is this or is artistic licence a greater force?

The question is ‘is there really one set of true colours or do we all see them same thing differently – and if we do how could we tell?’ I have always liked strong, bright colours so have I a selectively ‘seen’ just these and phased out the real colours of Autumn?

Do you see the same colours as say David Hockney or are they all just from his imagination?

Autumn Colours (Part I)

ImageWhilst driving around last year I became very interested in the colours of Autumn.

Having selected a few that I really liked I started to experiment with dyeing – these samples were coloured with Acid Dyes. This is my original take on Autumn Colours but even for me they are too bright.