New Layers on Dye Parcels

dyeing 036 dyeing 040

Think these are coming on nicely but now need to add yellow and green tones – which are proving a little evasive – will need some more investigation!

Hopefully with one more dye application they will be ready for the stitched layers.

4 thoughts on “New Layers on Dye Parcels

  1. Hi Joanne…I dont know whether this material is silk or cotton or something else, but Ivy on silk makes a good green…and doesnt smell as much as other dyes lol…ever tried st johns wort…phewieeeeee 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip on Ivy – have plenty of that so its a no brainer! Am working on cotton but sure it will also give a good result. Will post results in due course. Yes have tried St John’s Wort (lots of good dyeing plants are far from fragrant!) – worked well on my wool scarves (posted a couple of weeks ago).

      • mmm cotton didnt do so well for me, I did read somewhere that ivy prefers silk,but I am way past plant dyes to do the same things for every person lol…I also got a sage green from sunflowers (head, stem, the lot) and yet my friends didnt seem to get much of a response…..I like the Jenny Dean dyeing book dont you?
        anyway good luck at Luton Hoo walled Garden show and the others you have planned…I’m sure it will be a roaring success 🙂

      • Thanks – yes love Jenny Dean books too also like the fact natural dyeing so unpredictable but frustrating if you are up against a deadline. Still if anyone could do it it wouldn’t be special.

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