A Knitters’ Journal

We were only discussing yesterday, at our Nutty Knitters’ group, the challenge of sizing a yarn we no longer have the band for! I don’t have a Notebook for commercial yarns but I do have a log of the yarns I have dyed myself.

Degree 002 - Copy


Some time ago, I started keeping all the yarn labels for my projects so that I could remember which yarn I used. Rather than stuffing them in a drawer, I wanted to organize them somehow. I found this simple journal and started stapling the yarn labels onto the pages.

On the margins, I jotted down the name of the project and the date. At some point, I started including a scrap of yarn with the label so that I could remember what the yarn looked and felt like. The sample on the left page below is what I used to make a pair of baby booties, including the pretty ribbon to tie them together. The sample on the right was a souvenir yarn from Romni Wools in Toronto. It’s patiently waiting for the right project.

The yarns below went into making a thick cabled scarf for my husband, a racy…

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