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My own celebration of Tweed! A true Harris Tweed jacket – which tells the story of this fantastic traditional industry and its unique link to the landscape and lifestyle – given a new life with a contemporary twist.

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I was recently asked by the fabulous Audacious Huxley for my definition of tweed.  I thought that the answer would be easy and obvious, until I actually thought about it.  Just parroting the usual Oxford dictionary description; “a rough surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed fleck colours, originally produced in Scotland.”  or giving the standard origin story regarding tweed being a misreading of the word twill, whilst all true it seemed an empty answer.

I believe that tweed is a fabric steeped in British Heritage and so for me must be made in the United Kingdom or Ireland. I know that many great Mills around the world make a tweed fabric to different levels of quality, some rather good but to me they are not tweed.  When buying a tweed garment surely part of the appeal is the heritage and the story it tells.

Tweed must be at least 80% wool or it is not tweed!…

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Red 2 White

This Blog and her related Etsy Shops are definitely worth a visit.  Her work is so beautiful and inspiring – another designer-maker who I am jealous of!

I have been thinking about direct dyeing/printing from plants for a long time and this only makes me even more keen to try this out.  I am wondering how I can use natural dyeing and plant prints, combined with stitch, to interpret my fabulous Harris land and seascapes.

BUT this plan will have to wait as I am busy at the moment working on a couple of commissions and preparing for my pre Christmas show – details to follow shortly.

Lewis People 3

Some more lovely people who I met on Lewis and Harris.


Paulette’s husband was really helpful and spent ages discussing their business with me and giving me advice, I thought he was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and really appreciated the time he gave me. Paulette also designs her own tweeds so I was particularly fascinated to see their colour blanket, woven on her selected warp, which shows the results of using a huge range of different weft threads.

Blue Pig

I loved Jane’s beautiful textile art and she was extremely enthusiatic about my work which was a great boost.

Hebrides Art

Another must visit site! Delicious food, beautiful gallery and setting, inspiring art. I was totally won over. Lesley and Alisdair Wiseman have got all the elements just right.

Lewis People 2

Ravenstar B&B Link

Dave Eastwood at Ravenstar B&B and Forge making a beautiful fire poker – so skilled.

Some of the other residents on the Ravenstar croft.

Jane and Dave our lovely hosts who really made us feel at home. Fantastic setting, delicious breakfasts, comfortable rooms and relaxing lounge – what more could you ask for?