Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere – Tolsta to Ness

Lord Leverhulme (of Lever Brothers fame) owned the Isle of Lewis from 1918 – 1923 and during this time he was determined to improve road links on the Island. The bridge to nowhere – or Garry Bridge – is on the route of what was to be Lord Leverhulme’s new road to Ness.

Unfortunately local men returning from the Great War were not interested in his plans and wanted to return to their traditional crofting lives and with their own individual plots of land. So, although the bridge was built, the road goes no further.

However, if you leave your car in the little car park just before the bridge and walk over it (stopping on the way to admire the rugged River Garry) and up the track you will be rewarded with more glorious views and maybe lucky (as we were) to spot the white Tailed Eagles.