A Step into the Unknown

After six years’ of study, and a very busy time at my Degree Show and New Designers, it is very hard to imagine my life from this point on.

I am totally committed to making new work and finding customers for it and, as I received such fantastic feedback for my Degree pieces, I am confident that there is a market for my accessories and jackets.

But now comes the hard bit – planning work which which is commercially viable and making and developing those crucial contacts that lead to sales.

I have decided to take it slowly and follow up on all the fantastic advice and interest I have received so far. I certainly think I do have a business-minded approach, which many artists find a challenge, so this will definitely help.

I am also going to take some time research and produce new images from nature, as I always find this inspiring.

I really miss drawing, painting and using mixed media to create patterns and am looking forward to making a lovely sketchbook, not as a requirement of my studies, but just for the joy of it!

However, despite feeling positive and motivated (mostly) the move away from the structure and security blanket of study is so great and different from what I am used to that any future life feels like it might be happening to someone else!

Exciting and scary at the same time.