Turn to Grey (or Green)

There’s always a surprise waiting for you in the Dye Pot – the same ‘little bit of grey dye’ on a different base has produced green shades!
Black dye is made up of a mixture of other dye colours and this one must have a blue bias which, when added to the yellower original shades on these pieces has of course given me green. Not what I ws looking for but fantastic all the same.

And the answer is …. handmade paper

These sections of collage represent an actual size mock up of a final piece using handmade paper and mouled ‘knots’ together with drawing where I am planning to use machine embroidery. At last I can relate my planning ‘drawing’ to my ideas for fabric manipulation and embroidery on the machine knitted base!

Tally Ho – Mixing with the Tweed Set

Interesting day in London yesterday searching for the mad chappies taking part in this year’s London Tweed Run.

Eventually caught up with them at TeaTime at the Imperial War Museum.

And a outing (and sneak preview) of one of my upcycled Harris Tweed Jackets (SSh don’t tell anyone)


This time I tried a collage, which is much better and beginning to help me visualise how a finished piece might look. The buttons represent where resists have been tied in prior to felting (to reflect the knots in the bark source) and the coloured areas show dip dyeing on wet fabric to encourage the colours to merge.

I have a Cunning Plan …

Now that I have identified techniques and part of a colour palette – on which I can focus – I need to plan how to put these elements in order to support my next stage of sampling. But as my work is so textural I am struggling to depict, on flat paper, images which can help me in this process.

This is my first attempt but it is not ‘speaking’ to me so I need to try again!