Time to Stand and Stare

What is life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

When I stand and stare (not often enough) I see patterns – especially the shapes, textures and colours of nature. Sadly, many people see none of these, so caught up are they in their urgent rush through our busy world.

As a child I was encouraged to take my time and to learn how to do things for myself (and to do them well). From my Dad came an appreciation of the natural world whilst my Mum passed on the dressmaking, needlework and knitting skills, which she learned from her mother.

This inheritance inspires, and is reflected in, my work.  Through painting; drawing and photography, I study and explore landscapes, geology and plants, in order to create my own patterns and textures.  These I bring alive using the handmade techniques I learnt as a child, combined with new ones I have developed since, and finished with my own contemporary twist.

Now we are so addicted to Capitalism and materialism can we ever wean ourselves off its drug and, if we did, would we be able to find greater fulfilment in simple, everyday pleasures that are there for our enjoyment, and for free? Would we feel a sense of delight in making beautiful things with our own hands?

1 thought on “Time to Stand and Stare

  1. There’s a new age happening that, as exemplified in your blog, allows for a free exchange and great opportunity for creativity. I came to your blog because of the tag on ‘slow movement’ and like the poetical reference to Davies. Keep up your reflection on things, is what I say. Never mind the rest of the worlds preoccupations.

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